Customer Support

Customers are your #1 priority, spend time with them not your paperwork

Focus on customers, not multiple tools

Seamless integration with your calling platform and customer management tools allows new insights without leaving your tools. Focus on communicating with your customer, while automation focuses on extracting insights and generating updates.

Stay on target, without the overhead

Remove the need for notes or superhuman memory. No matter if the customer calls, texts, or emails generate transcription, summary, action items, and tickets automatically in your existing systems. Communication continuity is easier when your data is up-to-date.

Never behind, just prioritized

Whether you receive voicemail, email, or text, automate your analysis and prioritization to inform your follow-up. Automatic summarization, sentiment analysis and prioritization allow you to start with top-priority follow-ups without the need to review everything or start randomly.

Easily Integrate AI with your current workflow

Empower your team to focus on what is important, not what was once necessary.

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