Bulletproof sales & client conversations
Sightglass actively listens to you talk, keeping your conversation on track and making sure you never forget a follow-up
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Live guidance for every call

Create a checklist of key talking points and Sightglass, in real-time, understands when you've said a checklist item - automagically marking it complete.

Well-formatted notes seconds after your call

Immediately after your conversation ends, get a transcript and summary of your conversation. Share key insights from your calls with our seamless integrations.

Built-in personal data privacy

Easily hide personally identifiable information (PII) such as mailing addresses and credit card numbers from transcripts & summaries.



$ 20 / month

30 hours / month
Live Guidance
Instant notes and summaries
Email support


$ 200 / month

300 hours / month
Live Guidance
Instant notes and summaries
Email & Phone support


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Unlimited hours / month
Everything in Pro
Custom integrations
Email & Phone support
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